3 Non-Toxic Spider Killers: Because They’re Coming For Your Basement

3 Non-Toxic Spider Killers: Because They’re Coming For Your Basement

I squished a wolf spider I found in the basement today.

It was huge, with a bulging egg sac just ready to pop and flood my basement with a scuttling tidal wave of lifelong trauma. (Editor’s note: I then ran around in circles shrieking and waving my hands like some 50′s cartoon housewife, screaming “Kill it! Kill it with fire! IT’S TOUCHING ME!” but let’s not get judgemental here.)

The Farmer’s Almanac is dourly predicting an early and harsh winter this year, which means every spider within a 500-mile radius is hoofing it for the interior of my house as fast as their eight legs can carry them. And my neighborhood is notorious for hobo spiders, which are extremely toxic.

But spraying poison all through the house to kill the spiders is counterintuitive, when we have a handsy, grabby, “Look how cute they are!” bug-loving daughter. (Editor’s note: yes, Zoe my little angel, I’m looking at YOU!) So, here’s the battle plan…


(Image credit: Silviarita)

3 Non-Toxic Spider Killers That Really Do The Trick

  • First, peppermint is very effective. Spiders hate peppermint, so placing just a few drops of peppermint essential oils into a spray bottle, adding a little liquid dish soap and filling with water gives you an excellent remedy for ridding your home of spiders. Spray this mixture around your windows and doors, under the sink and wet places- like around the shower, a dripping faucet outside, etc.


  • You can also use vinegar and coconut oil. Mix the two together into a spray bottle and spray around doors and windows, in the shower and under beds.


  • Finally, spiders also tend to dislike citrus oilsLemons, limes, and oranges are great essential oils to spray around.  Plus, it smells better than Raid.


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What are your favorites? What’s worked to keep the disgusting little critters out of your house and out in the garden where they belong? Share!

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