5 Best Books To Save Your Life: Disaster Preparedness

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5 Best Books To Save Your Life: Disaster Preparedness. My theory in life is simple: if I’m prepared for it, it won’t happen.  I recognize this is reprehensibly naive, but there you go.  So far it’s been working for me; I haven’t died (up to date Will and life insurance policies, score!)  So, you can see it never hurts to Plan Ahead.   I suspect some of the truly awful reality series aren’t helping the cause of preparedness any–yes, “Doomsday Preppers,” I’m talking to you.  But you don’t have to be a paranoid nutjob to be concerned about the possibility of all manner of disasters. Case in point?   Here in Salt Lake City, Utah, my family is less than 70 miles from the following:

  • The wildly unstable Wasatch Fault
  • The world’s largest stockpile of nerve gas and low-level radiation dumps (thanks, local lawmakers!)
  • An atomic reactor at the University of Utah–3 blocks from my house
  • Two key military bases
  • Two massive oil refineries waiting to blow sky-high
  • And word is (allegedly) scores of nuclear weaponry “out in the desert”
  • Oh, did I mention the wildly unstable Wasatch Fault?


You can see why at this point I’m really hoping for the Zombie Apocalypse as the best of my options. Anyway, let’s get back to Planning Ahead.


5 Best Books To Change Your Life: Disaster Preparedness


Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family: I love James Mushen’s book because the man is clearly smack-dab in the middle of the Sandwich Generation with the rest of us.  How do I get my father from his care center and my toddler from pre-school?  Where do I put my twin’s seizure medications?  Where does my emotionally needy Portuguese Waterdog go in the roof rack?  I love those cute little booklets that apparently think we all have families with 2.5 members.

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit: I think some of these “experts” who write these books are forgetting that we don’t all have pack mules to carry our “bug-out bags.”  The point of said bag is that you may not be able to throw it in the back of the ol’ SUV and drive off into the sunset.  Your 8 year old might have to walk while carrying one.  Author Creek Stewart seems to understand this.

The Poor Man’s Prepping Guide: How to Prepare for Disaster on a Shoestring Budget (Stay Alive): THANK YOU.  If you have the $10,000.00 or so needed to be all kitted out for the Zombie Apocalypse, please accept my congratulations and also, send me your address because we’re coming to live with YOU.  How to build what you need on a budget.

Sigh…yeah, I know we’re all sick of the “…For Dummies” book series.  But the Disaster Preparedness for Dummies book really is very good.  And simple.  And easy to follow.

Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in a Crisis: let’s face it.  The 72-hour kit only gets you so far.  What if it’s a 2-week blackout, like with Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast?  Or the End Of Everything, like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?  This is an excellent guide to building a food storage system that protects your family not only during a crisis, but during illness, poverty, job loss, etc.  Now, that is preparedness.



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