5 Great Date Ideas For The Frugal Or Broke


Be The Cheap Date: 5 Great Ideas For The Frugal Or Broke. No judgement, we’ve all been there. Maybe it’s a couple of days before payday, or maybe you just don’t want to drop $100.00 on a night out. But with Valentine’s Day looming, some sort of romance is required, and the holiday makes us all want to “up” our game, right? Here’s five great date ideas to don’t make you look cheap.


Date #1: Live The Artsy Life With A Free Museum Trip. There’s museums in literally every town that offer free admission days. Oftentimes, opening nights for new shows or guests are free (but donation suggested.) Find a list of fine art fabulousness here.



Date #2: Take A Nature Walk. I don’t care if your idea of a workout is going from the couch to the refrigerator, there’s tons of easy hikes and nature trails along the Wasatch Front that are spectacular. Fitness experts say the flush of endorphins (your body’s natural hormonal high) last for hours after even minimal exertion. You’re happier. Your date is happier. Go from there.



Date Night #3: A Cooking Lesson From Your Favorite Chef & Breakfast In Bed. Jamie Oliver has a great YouTube video series where he takes favorite recipes and adds a little flair. Watch a video, learn something new, treat your beloved to breakfast in bed. You’re a hero!



Date Night #4: Teach Me Something. This one’s especially great for new couples; give him a guitar lesson, or teach her how to fly-fish. It’s a good way to get to know each other, and for established couples, you’ll be pressed to learn something new outside of the relationship to bring to the date night. There’s a huge list here of ideas to get you started.



Date Night #5: Go On A Scavenger Hunt. Your date walks in to find a note and a map. The adventure begins. You can lead them all over the city, or through a graveyard, old part of town, in a forest. Be waiting at the end with a picnic basket or a bundle of wildflowers. (In our part of the country, I’d be waiting in a giant snowsuit with some hand-warmers, but you get the picture.)

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