5 Streaming Experiences That Make Quarantine Fun (Almost)

5 Streaming Experiences That Make Quarantine Fun (Almost). Yeah, I know we’re all going nuts.

Our family was quarantined early with Todd and our son getting sick right away … so we’ve had 26 days to get used to rattling around the house together. I’m not proud of it, but there’s times I’ve hidden on our back deck just to take a breath of air someone hasn’t already breathed in and out already. And the silence, the blessed silence.

But there’s never been such a wealth of online experiences that inspire, amaze and move us. Here’s my latest five that’ll guarantee to make our black, bitter hearts swell like the Grinch’s.

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5 Streaming Experiences That Make Quarantine Fun (Almost).

  1. Animal cams: The Georgia Aquarium has live video streams covering the antics of their most adorable residents, like the African penguins, beluga whalessea otters, and barrier reef-dwellers. The Jelly Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is oddly mesmerizing. If you haven’t seen the Giant Panda Cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo, prepare to have your children taking over your laptop.
  2. Vakis Demetriou posts videos from his daily dog walk … but he’s not leaving the house in Greece, so his drone takes the leash and walks (apparently) the best dog in the world. It’s freaking adorable. For the hardcore dog fan, have a look at the Old Friends Senior Dog’s Home – they have a live stream for their elderly pups.
  3. Go to the theatre without having to dress up. Several theatres on Broadway are releasing streaming videos of some of their most popular stage performances. Patrick Stewart is reading his favorite sonnets by Shakespeare on his Twitter feed.
  4. A night at the opera. The Metropolitan Opera features “Nightly Met Opera Streams,” and there’s over a dozen other respected opera companies releasing performances as well as some of the most popular classical music performances from symphonies and orchestras all over the world.
  5. Google Earth is … wow. Zoe and I have been taking virtual tours all over the world every night before bed. There’s a quiz for the most popular natural formations on the planet, adventures in globe-trotting with Carmen Sandiego, an awe-inspiring underwater tour of the Mariana Trench. Plus, we’ve been spending a lot of time exploring all the bird species on the Galapagos Island. Where else can you find a Blue-Footed Boobie?


Don’t forget the wealth of free streaming experiences from museums all over the world.

Share! What streaming experience have you found online that’s bringing you joy?

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