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Our A/C Free Challenge: How Our Blistering Month Concluded

  (Image credit Elasticomputerfarm)   Our A/C Free Challenge: How Our Blistering Month Concluded… It all started with opening an electric bill for a galactic $423.74 last August. FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE FREAKING DOLLARS (and don’t forget 74 cents!) to cool our home for ONE MONTH? So – mostly based on spite – we decided […]

Utah Eccentric: 5 Quirky Road Trips

Utah Eccentric: 5 Quirky Road Trips. Perhaps you just can’t stand the thought of one more weekend languishing in your backyard, hogging all the space in the kiddie pool while your offspring glare at you? We’re here to preserve family unity, my friend. Grab the cooler and fill up the gas tank, you’re going on […]

The Phenomenon of Airbnb and “Forced Civility” – How Home-sharing Has Made Us Better People

I like to believe I’m a nice person. I go out of my way to thank people for a job well done because I know we all like to complain more than compliment. But the days of incivility and casual rudeness are coming to an end and it’s due – at least in part – to the new trend of rating your experience on a site for everyone to see.

Teaching Kids To Love Reading

Teaching Kids To Love Reading. I was the kid who got in trouble for hiding under my blanket with a flashlight and reading until a ridiculous hour. So I was shocked when our kiddos did not take to reading as enthusiastically as I did. Our eight-year-old Zoe, for instance… I took her to our cool […]