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Utah Eccentric: 5 Quirky Road Trips

Utah Eccentric: 5 Quirky Road Trips. Perhaps you just can’t stand the thought of one more weekend languishing in your backyard, hogging all the space in the kiddie pool while your offspring glare at you? We’re here to preserve family unity, my friend. Grab the cooler and fill up the gas tank, you’re going on […]

5 Ways To Become Less Busy

5 Ways To Become LESS Busy. You know, I don’t think I have EVER heard the phrase: “I’ve got all the time in the world… nothing to do… man, this is relaxing!”  Nope.  Never heard that one. Why do we all think that being hellishly busy is something to be proud of?  I think sometimes it maybe […]

5 Great Water Games For Kids

5 Great Water Games For Kids 5 Great Water Games For Kids. Mr. Thermometer is finally cracking 80, and the backyard hose will be constantly running until the first freeze of Fall.  My MacLeanie, in particular, loved water with a furious passion.  So, when the allure of our cheesy above-ground pool (my sister Jenne calls […]

I Did Not Know That! Genius Parenting Tips & Tricks

So, in the Good Old Days, everyone had a cool Nana that lived with them and basically told everyone what to do. So Parenting Tips & Tricks weren’t really needed.  Nana knew all this stuff. Then, we all decided to start moving around and multi-generational families weren’t so common.  And all of a sudden, it’s […]