Five Things You Should Always Buy Used

Five Things You Should Always Buy Used. I know, I know!  We all like opening that shiny new box or breaking the binding on a pristine new book. But, there’s certain things that can not only be bought used, but we should buy them used.  Take a look…



Five Things You Should Always Buy Used

1. Cars

The second you drive that new car out of the dealership, it’s depreciated by thousands. We all know this, and that new car smell isn’t worth an extra five grand. (Even though I’ve tried to convince myself that it is.) No matter who you buy the car from- you need to see a complete inspection to make sure you’re covered.

Sneaky inside tip: Keep in mind that cars depreciate at different rates, so to maximize value you’ll want to snatch up a used car that will hold its value well. You can find the cars that hold their value the best here.


2. Video Games

You have a cool new game with extensive multiplayer modes? Statistically, you’ll still get tired of the shiny new game within three months. That’s why used games tend to flood the secondary market shortly after a game is released. You, the patient gamer, then snap up a delightfully inexpensive system.  Yay, you!

Sneaky inside tip: Check online first–you can usually get a better deal. Look for a warranty- they’re usually available.


3. Baby Clothes & Furniture

We literally had 48 hours notice that we would be bringing Zoe home from the hospital.  I gave my credit card to my sisters and shrieked “I don’t even have a crib!”  We outfitted Zoe’s layette completely from Kid To Kid, a used children’s goods store.  (Editor’s note: no, they are not paying me to say this.)

Take advantage of the fact that parents will use their crib, changing table and other nursery furniture for only a couple of years before putting it away in the attic. That means there’s loads of baby furniture to be had at dirt-cheap prices if you buy it used, and most of it should be plenty sturdy.

Sneaky inside tip: Check to make sure the used furniture items are not on the National Consumer Recall List. You can find that here.


4. Musical Instruments

One of my most prized possessions is my Fender Precision Bass, 1962, made in AMERICA, baby! When I bought it, it was used because that’s what I could afford.  Turns out that’s not such a bad idea.

Many instrument experts suggest buying old musical instruments used – not only because it’s much cheaper than buying new, but because they can have surprising resale value down the line. Older instruments are often more in demand by collectors, and simple things like an unpopular or unusual color can be enough to make the value skyrocket.


5. Cell Phones

I’m usually doubtful about buying expensive electronics used. I bought a cellphone off that turned out to be what they call a “Frankenstein,” filled with bits of off-market nonsense that just barely lasted past the period where I could get a return. It was such a mess the guy at the phone repair place asked if they could keep it to show it off as a cautionary tale. $400 lost, thank you very much.

But there’s one big exception: a subset of used merchandise known as refurbished, which refers to devices that have been returned to the company, repaired and repackaged. Because it has been repaired by the company it’s (almost) as good as new, and it’s usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


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