How would you spend a $100.00 gift card?

How would you spend a $100.00 gift card?

Welcome to your new decade. How will you change what you buy, how you spend? I have a friend who’s vowing to save $100 a month to quietly donate to someone in need. Our neighbor is vowing to buy only healthy food this year – no Cheetos or potato chips. It seems like money is very much on everyone’s mind. How about you? What would you do with a $100.00 gift card?

Here’s how to enter to win:


How would you spend a $100.00 gift card? So, there are 10 ways to belong to The Todd & Erin community.

You’re welcome to enter once to win for every way you follow us, meaning 11 chances total to win! Please drop me a comment below telling me you’re one of the Beautiful People after clicking the direct links above and following.  If you’re already part of the community here, a comment telling me how you follow is great.

Our random widget selector will pick a winner on Friday, January 17, 2020. Good luck!

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Gift card winner picked by random selection.
  2. We’ll contact you via whatever social media contact was included in the winning entry.
  3. Winners have 30 days to contact us regarding your gift card after our initial notification that you’ve won. After 30 days, the gift card will be returned to the prize library to be given away at a later date.
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  1. Michele Soyer
    Michele Soyer says:

    I have followed all the social media above.. Thank you for this giveaway and I do love your posts on mistletoe…..

  2. Sarah Mayer
    Sarah Mayer says:

    Follow us on Pinterest – pheetphancy
    On Facebook, please friend or follow with this direct link. Sarah Mayer
    Subscribe to our daily email updates.pheetphancy @ gmail dot com
    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Sarah Mayer
    My favorite way to update new stuff is with our Twitter page, so please follow. @PhancyPheet4041
    And Instagram, if you want to add us there. @pheetphancy41

  3. Susan Marina Brown Lane
    Susan Marina Brown Lane says:

    I’m one of the Beautiful people! I follow you everywhere! I would save it for my next Birthday gifts or Christmas!

  4. Cassandra D
    Cassandra D says:

    Following on Pinterest,Facebook,Instagram,YouTube and an email subscriber.
    I would use the $100 to buy clothes,socks,shoes, along with some household items.

  5. Julie Barrett
    Julie Barrett says:

    I follow on all social media channels except Soundcloud: IG, PIN & TW as @reviewzbyjewelz, YouTube as @JulieBarrett29/Reviewz by Jewelz & FB as Jewelz Barrett @jewelz.barrett.52

  6. Rajee Pandi
    Rajee Pandi says:

    Follow us on Pinterest. momsfocus
    On Facebook, please friend or follow with this direct link. momsfocus
    Subscribe to our daily email updates.
    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
    My favorite way to update new stuff is with our Twitter page, so please follow.
    And Instagram, if you want to add us there.
    And our latest social media child, Soundcloud

  7. Theresa Lichauco
    Theresa Lichauco says:

    like AND enter there because everyone loves Christmas. All year. Whether you want to or not, sometimes. Mistletoe Mania’s page is here.

  8. Steve Weber
    Steve Weber says:

    I follow on Pinterest, Friends on FB, get your daily emails, subscribe to your Youtube channel, follow on Twitter and IG

  9. Tyler G
    Tyler G says:

    I follow on all platforms. Have y’all ever looked into using Gleam or Rafflecopter for your giveaways? I’m not sure how you select the winner exactly, but those two are awesome. They pick completely randomly, weed out cheaters or incorrect entries, and are 100% fair.

  10. Lisa Gorillo
    Lisa Gorillo says:

    I like follow on Twitter (which is unlinked to this page)
    and more
    Left a comment on FB page what I would do with the prize – skin and hair care for anti-aging treatments.

  11. Calvin
    Calvin says:

    Already on the newsletter. Following on soundcloud, as pointmicrosoft.
    Youtube as calvin. On twitter, pinterest, as Pizzahutxbox.

  12. Elsie
    Elsie says:

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I followed you on all the different social accounts you listed and checked out the different Facebook pages as well and liked them! :) If I won I’d probably use the gift card towards a new external hard drive that I’ve been wanting to purchase!

  13. Angela Duku
    Angela Duku says:

    Followed on Facebook: Angela Duku
    subscribe to daily email with my email
    Followed on Youtube: Angela Duku
    Followed on Twitter: @duku_angela
    Followed Tell Me Something is Good: Angela Duku
    Followed: Mistletoe Maina: Angela Duku
    Followed Glitter and Glue Gun: Angela Duku


    I follow all your pages except the SoundCloud. I love getting creative ideas from your post!! Thank you for doing what you do :)

  15. Rachael Peay
    Rachael Peay says:

    I entered 7 ways. No newsletter, sound cloud or Twitter. I would use the Amazon gift card kids birthday presents.

  16. Ruby Anerton
    Ruby Anerton says:

    I follow you on everything but sound cloud. I would save it for an emergency which i seem to have often. I am raising my 18 month old grandson so that would help.

  17. shelly peterson
    shelly peterson says:

    like “Glitter and Glue Guns – Year-round Holiday Decor & DIY.” Shelly Peterson cshell090869 at aol dot com

  18. Mary Ann Ball
    Mary Ann Ball says:

    I would use it to buy myself a new outfit for my birthday the end of the month since I’m always buying for my husband and foster kids.


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