Win A $100.00 Target Gift Card!

Win A $100.00 Target Gift Card from The Todd and Erin Daily Stream! But first, congratulations to Julie Barrett, our winner last week for the $100.00 Walmart gift card. Julie, I’m certain, will put that extra spending power to good use.


Now then… win a $100.00 Target gift card! Are there a couple of people you’d love to add to your gift list, but you don’t have the budget? Or maybe there’s something extra special you’d like to get with an extra $100.00 push?

Here’s how to enter to win:

Win A $100.00 Target Gift Card From The Todd & Erin Daily Stream. So, there’s 11 ways to belong to The Todd & Erin community.

You’re welcome to enter once to win for every way you follow us, meaning 11 chances total to win!  Please drop me a comment below telling me you’re one of the Beautiful People after clicking the direct links above and following.  If you’re already part of the community here, a comment telling me how you follow is great.

Our random widget selector will pick a winner on Monday, December 10, 2018.  Good luck!

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Gift card winner picked by random selection.
  2. We’ll contact you via whatever social media contact was included on the winning entry.
  3. Winners have 30 days to contact us regarding your gift card after our initial notification that you’ve won. After 30 days, the gift card will be returned to the prize library to be given away at a later date.
727 replies
  1. Ashley Pentycofe
    Ashley Pentycofe says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, this time of year is hard for a lot of families. I know it is here and we both work full time. Bless you both. I follow on all but sound cloud.

  2. Ashley Pentycofe
    Ashley Pentycofe says:

    Following on all except the sound cloud. Love the Xmas Facebook page. I’d get lost for hours! Good luck every one!

  3. Joani
    Joani says:

    Following on fb twitter YouTube and instagram also subscribed to email!!! Praying for a win could definitely use this. Good luck to everyone

  4. Tina majors
    Tina majors says:

    Thanks for this giveaway y’all are awesome I follwedbyall in everything but mostly had y’all followed on most gl all an god bless

  5. Brianna Frisby
    Brianna Frisby says:

    Hey Todd and Erin=) You guys are Amazing. I subsrcibed and liked everything but Twitter( I don’t have one of those yet lol) I spent the last two hours looking at all your social media and YouTube post and videos and you both are great together. Thank you for spreading joy where ever you go.=)

  6. Cassandra Bayne
    Cassandra Bayne says:

    Followed on all Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channel. Thank you for this amazing chance!

  7. Imel Coles
    Imel Coles says:

    I am one of the beautiful people. I entered all 11 entries. I would ❤️ to win a Target gift card! I hope that I am chosen! Thank you!

  8. Maria Carlin
    Maria Carlin says:

    I’m subscribed to YouTube : Maria C
    IG: bozzlady204
    Twitter: mariablueyes204
    All your social medias including Sound cloud

  9. Nichole Allen
    Nichole Allen says:

    I followed on Pinterest(nicholerenae17)
    Facebook(Nichole Allen)
    Youtube( and I believe the last one is Twitter but I don’t go on there often(jayceesmama)

  10. Melissa Priest
    Melissa Priest says:

    Followed you on everything except for Google+ and Soundcloud. Also signed up for emails. Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Tammy Neahring
    Tammy Neahring says:

    I follow on Twitter (@tammyneahring), Instagram (@taneahring), Facebook (tammy.neahring), and subscribe to everything else with my email :)

  12. MaryAnn
    MaryAnn says:

    I follow you on one of your fb pages, Pinterest, google plus @ subscribed on YouTube. :) hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  13. Becky Hess Stilwell
    Becky Hess Stilwell says:

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway. Following on all 3 Facebook pages.. Twitter.. IG.. Google plus.. YouTube.. All of the above except cloud I don’t have that.

  14. Glenna Walker
    Glenna Walker says:

    I was already following all with the exception of SoundCloud, from a previous giveaway and a few followed prior to that because something beautiful caught my eye.

  15. Tina Ross
    Tina Ross says:

    Will follow on Pinterest and subscribe but for one of the beautiful people funny but this would help so much I can’t afford Christmas again this and need to get my beautiful daughter something she helps take care of me with my illness getting out to shop is rare so thank you so much for the chance and happy holidays

  16. Caitlin Sassi
    Caitlin Sassi says:

    Thank you guys so much for this opportunity! I’ve liked, followed, and subscribed to every page but Twitter! 💗 Good luck everyone !

  17. Brittany Deaver
    Brittany Deaver says:

    Follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, subscribe to emails and followed mistletoe mania, tell me something good and “The Beautiful Dark: Halloween & Fall Style & Decor.”


    I’m a new follower I can’t wait to learn more about y’all. And now I am following everway possible. Good luck to all.

  19. Mindy
    Mindy says:

    This is not an entry but rather a suggestion. Can you please consider switching over your entry methods to something faster like Rafflecopter or similar? This way is too time consuming and also old fashioned, I remember entering giveaways like this through comments many years ago before Rafflecopter, etc. were even a thing. Time to update!

  20. David McCormick
    David McCormick says:

    Followed on Pinterest, Liked on Facebook, Followed on Google+, Email subscribed, Youtube subscribed, Twitter follower, Instagram follower, Soundcloud follower, Liked Tell Me Something Good, Liked The Beautiful Dark, and Liked Mistletoe Mania. I’m all in! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!


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