“I Need HOW Many Lights?” A Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

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“I Need HOW Many Lights?” A Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree. I know I’m not the only frustrated Martha Stewart wanna-be who’s done the Decorating Walk Of Shame to the store at midnight, buying 16 more packages of lights for the tree because I ran out halfway through.  And you can’t stop–the thing is just sitting there, looking forlorn and unfinished. So I tracked down my girlie Carla, an interior decorator who specializes in decorating for the holidays (is that a cool job or WHAT?) and got the dimensions. Here’s her no-fail guide.

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(Editor’s note: by the way, if you’d rather have your lovely, live Christmas tree shipped to you, there’s all kinds of lovely options here, and you can find an inexpensive tree stand and good quality lights here. It’s a great holiday when you never have to leave the couch!) If you’re looking for some holiday light shows to inspire you -or overwhelm you- have a look at our guide to Every Single Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front here.

Print off this handy guide and take it along with you when tree shopping.

No Decorating Walk Of Shame. I’m here for you, honey…


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