Jeff Goldblum Talks Thor: Ragnarok, Tom Hiddleston & His GQ Award


Jeff Goldblum Talks Thor: Ragnarok, Tom Hiddleston & His GQ Award. There’s nothing not to adore about Jeff Goldblum. The man is exactly how you picture him. Funny, eccentric, ridiculously tall and gangly. And extremely sweet-natured, as he proves at SLC FanX as he reads your tweets. Including a really… uh… spicy one from “Jeff Goldblum’s Whore.”


(Image credit: Marvel UK)

He was fresh off the plane from promoting “An experimental Jazz album” in London and accepting the GQ Image award- presented by none other than Tom Hiddleston(By the way, Marvel- if you’re wondering who the fan favorite is- Jeff also mentioned Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) who both received applause. Then he mentioned Tom, and the screaming was so loud that it shorted out my mic.)

Jeff is one of those sincerely nice, pleasant, “I’m really happy to be here!” kind of guys. Such a lovely last-minute addition to SLC FanX. Here’s the complete interview.

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