Utah Eccentric: 5 Quirky Road-trips 

(image credit: flickr) There’s something about this time of year – we start feeling a bit cheated, everyone’s doing, like… fun stuff! We deserve more! While the weather is still pleasant here in Utah – and this means we have not yet turned into the life-sucking dustbowl of death that is summer – you still […]

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with ALL the Tasty Recipes!

Corned Beef & Cabbage With Mary Helen’s Magnificent Mustard Sauce – A meal so amazing you’d leg-wrestle your grandma for the last bite.

Peppermint Crunch Cookies

(Image credit: TheBittenWord) Peppermint Crunch Cookies It’s this time of year when my Zoe and I develop an unnatural craving for all things peppermint. (White peppermint kisses have moved from a craving to an addiction that I might require rehab to remove. Sadly, there are no rehab centers for peppermint kiss addicts.) However! The humble […]

“I Need HOW Many Lights?” A Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

(Image credit: Pexels) “I Need HOW Many Lights?” A Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree. I know I’m not the only frustrated Martha Stewart wanna-be who’s done the Decorating Walk Of Shame to the store at midnight, buying 16 more packages of lights for the tree because I ran out halfway through.  And you can’t […]

5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore

Five Utah ghost towns you simply must explore. There’s no better time than autumn to fill the gas tank and head out on an impromptu road trip, armed with nothing but a case of diet Pepsi and a box of Cap’n Crunch. But where to go? With all this hot weather, it’s time to send […]

The Five Creepiest Utah Cemeteries

The Five Creepiest Utah Cemeteries. I grew up in the Avenues here in Salt Lake City, just a couple of blocks from the venerable city cemetery. So we played hide and seek around the tombstones, ran circles around Emo’s Grave and dared the night watchman to chase us down after hours. I didn’t get the […]

I Did Not Know That! Genius Parenting Tips & Tricks

So, in the Good Old Days, everyone had a cool Nana that lived with them and basically told everyone what to do. So Parenting Tips & Tricks weren’t really needed.  Nana knew all this stuff. Then, we all decided to start moving around and multi-generational families weren’t so common.  And all of a sudden, it’s […]