5 Great Date Ideas For The Frugal Or Broke

  Be The Cheap Date: 5 Great Ideas For The Frugal Or Broke. No judgement, we’ve all been there. Maybe it’s a couple of days before payday, or maybe you just don’t want to drop $100.00 on a night out. But with Valentine’s Day looming, some sort of romance is required, and the holiday makes […]

Become A Vintage Valentine’s Day Princess For As Low As $6

Become A Vintage Valentine’s Day Princess For As Low As $6. There’s just something about 1950’s style dresses that makes everyone look gorgeous- it’s the only kind of style I can wear that actually gives me a waist. (I have what is charitably called a “swimmer’s build,” meaning you couldn’t even sculpt a waist on […]

Teaching Kids To Love Reading

Teaching Kids To Love Reading. One of our family’s New Year’s Resolutions was reading. I was the kid who got in trouble for hiding under my blanket with a flashlight and reading until a ridiculous hour. So I was shocked when our kiddos did not take to reading as enthusiastically as I did. But here’s […]

Todd’s Tasty Home-style Chili

Todd’s Tasty Home-style Chili. It’s a cold night. You’re hungry. Could there be anything more tasty than home-made chili? I think not! Follow’s Todd’s ridiculously simple tips for a best pot of chili in North America. (Thanks to Jeff Stout for his excellent chili tips.)   Looking for more cold weather recipes? Try our Roast […]

5 Fresh Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

  (Image credit via Flickr: Simpleinsomnia) 5 Fresh Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve. Erin here… I have to be honest–years of hosting New Year’s Eve events as a radio “personality” leaves me with a loathing for the Big Drunken Bar Fest. It’s depressing being the only sober one in the room and trying to give […]

Porch Pirates & Christmas Shopping… Todd & Erin Style

Porch Pirates & Christmas Shopping… Todd & Erin Style. Did you know that Salt Lake City is number two in the NATION for porch pirates? You know, those sleazebags who cruise your neighborhood, spot a package on your front step and steal it? Todd and Erin discuss this and the “true” meaning of the holidays. Happy […]

Heartbreak And The Holidays

Heartbreak And The Holidays Losing MacLean swamped me again last night. We were driving aimlessly with our kids Zachie and Zoe, looking for Christmas light displays. Like most parents who have lost children, my life is separated into “Life with MacLean” and “Life without MacLean.” As we drove, we kept up our annoying Collard commentary […]