Stocking An All-Natural Medicine Cabinet

Stocking An All-Natural Medicine Cabinet. I knew I had to get rid of all my sugar-drenched kid’s meds when my 8-year-old Zoe announced three days in a row that “Ow!  Mommy, I have a headache.  I need medicine.” And she was looking lovingly at the bottle of bubblegum-pink sludge ibuprofen. I know that taking medicine to […]

30 Days of Our Cash-Only Crusade and How We Saved Over $900

I like cash. Who doesn’t like cash? The soothing little ‘whrrrring’ sound it makes when you count it. The feel of the crisp bills in your hand. But actually shopping in the real world with cash is a pain. However, when I pulled up our bank statement and found out we were $900 over budget […]

You Never Knew You Needed a Crystal Wand. Until Now.

You never knew you needed a crystal wand. Until now. But once around the Rocktacular! Crystal and Gem Show and you’re waving one like Harry Potter. Why? Because it’s cool. Because there are nearly 50 locally-owned businesses all there to immerse you in healing and self-care. Empowerment and health. Treats and gifts and goodies and […]

30 minutes to a spotless house: lessons learned from an Airbnb Superhost

30 minutes to a spotless house: lessons learned from an Airbnb Superhost. I’ve always admired (actually, am bitterly jealous) of my girlie Malea who always seems to have a Pinterest-perfect house. Everything’s spotless. So I pinned her down to share her secrets, and one pan of homemade sweet rolls later, she spilled everything. You’re welcome. […]

Start 2020 with the Right Energy – The Living Light Crystal & Gem Show

Start 2020 with the Right Energy – the Living Light Crystal & Gem Show. Entering a new decade feels like it’s an auspicious moment for something more. If you’re thinking about improving your spiritual, emotional and physical health, here’s the perfect place to begin! The Crystal & Gem Show is January 18 at Club 90 in […]

Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin

I’m not the world’s most patient person when it comes to cooking, so if something’s going to demand tons of prep time, I … uh … make The Todd cook it. But I stumbled on this lovely pork tenderloin recipe on, a wonderful Italian dressing that can be used in an unfeasible number of […]

The Todd Is Trying To Murder Me:  Trazadone & The Raccoon Of Death

The Todd Is Trying To Murder Me:  Trazadone & The Raccoon Of Death “We Have a Trazadone Issue.” The Todd likes to communicate by leaving notes on our oven hood. Which is fine, but they’re usually so curt they make sense only to him. I studied today’s with some concern. An Issue? A Trazadone Issue? […]