Controlling Christmas Expectations: Free Printable “I Want” Tags

(Image credit: Bruce Mars) Controlling Christmas Expectations: Free Printable “I Want” Tags I’ve battled expectations from my eight-year-old Zoe, (and thank you, parents of classmates who give bikes for Easter and an Xbox for getting a flu shot!) and this is the time every year we start really, really controlling what she watches. Every kid’s […]

Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally Holiday Guide – Rogliano’s Italian Dressing

(Image credit: williamlind) The Todd & Erin “Shop Locally” Holiday Guide – Rogliano’s Italian Dressing. I have a 6’6 mountain of a brother that’s a hard-core carnivore. He was “Keto-friendly” before there was such a thing. So I buy him a case of Rogliano’s Italian Dressing every year for his Christmas gift. Aside from being […]

Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally Guide: Bonnie’s Joy Pinup & Boudoir

  Shop Locally: Bonnie’s Joy Pinup & Boudoir. I’ve been fascinated with Bonnie’s Joy from the first minute I found one of the pictures from a photo session that my friend had booked. The allure of a woman – just like you or me –  but luscious and pouting in that way only a truly […]

Outrageously Tasty Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Outrageously Tasty Sweet Potato Cupcakes. Okay, how cool is this for Thanksgiving? I’m so going to bake these again.  The only big change I noticed is that I wanted to bake fresh sweet potatoes for the recipe, and there’s lots of evaporation. You’ll need two HUGE sweet potatoes to have enough. Canned sweet potato puree […]

Utah Eccentric: 5 Quirky Road-trips 

(image credit: flickr) There’s something about this time of year – we start feeling a bit cheated, we didn’t stuff enough fun into those short summer months! We deserve more! While the weather is still (mostly) pleasant here in Utah, you still have a shot. How to take advantage of this last-minute opportunity when you’re […]

The Five Creepiest Utah Cemeteries

The Five Creepiest Utah Cemeteries. I grew up in the Avenues here in Salt Lake City, just a couple of blocks from the venerable city cemetery. So we played hide and seek around the tombstones, ran circles around Emo’s Grave and dared the night watchman to chase us down after hours. I didn’t get the […]

5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore

Five Utah ghost towns you simply must explore. There’s no better time than autumn to fill the gas tank and head out on an impromptu road trip, armed with nothing but a case of diet Pepsi and a box of Cap’n Crunch. But where to go? With all this hot weather, it’s time to send […]