The Todd Is Trying To Murder Me:  Trazadone & The Raccoon Of Death

The Todd Is Trying To Murder Me:  Trazadone & The Raccoon Of Death “We Have a Trazadone Issue.” The Todd likes to communicate by leaving notes on our oven hood. Which is fine, but they’re usually so curt they make sense only to him. I studied today’s with some concern. An Issue? A Trazadone Issue? […]

Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally Guide: Living Light Institute

Do you realize we’re about to enter into an entirely new decade? It hit me the other day that 2020 means stepping into a new decade and leaving the old one behind. Is there emotional baggage you’d like to leave behind?   I’ve been fascinated with Laurie Nielson since learning more about her school – […]

Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

  Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes. I felt it this morning.  Bleeech. Snow on the ground, freezing temperatures.  And then I saw the recipe for Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes, and I knew I could make it through another Sleeting Season Of Death.  (Or, winter, as it is known by more cold weather types.)   Ingredients: One […]

Screaming Deals – The Countdown is ON

  I’m trying to monitor some of the biggest “wish list” items you all tell me about, so when I see a deal pop up, I’m going to post about it as fast as possible. We’re in countdown mode for The Big Day. Or depending on your family, The Many Big Days. So have a […]

Peppermint Crunch Cookies

(Image credit: TheBittenWord) Peppermint Crunch Cookies It’s this time of year when my Zoe and I develop an unnatural craving for all things peppermint. (White peppermint kisses have moved from a craving to an addiction that I might require rehab to remove. Sadly, there are no rehab centers for peppermint kiss addicts.) However! The humble […]

Heartbreak and the Holidays

Heartbreak and the Holidays Losing MacLean swamped me again last night. We were driving aimlessly with our kids Zachie and Zoe, looking for Christmas light displays. Like most parents who have lost children, my life is separated into “Life with MacLean” and “Life without MacLean.” As we drove, we kept up our annoying Collard commentary […]

“I Need HOW Many Lights?” A Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

(Image credit: Pexels) “I Need HOW Many Lights?” A Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree. I know I’m not the only frustrated Martha Stewart wanna-be who’s done the Decorating Walk Of Shame to the store at midnight, buying 16 more packages of lights for the tree because I ran out halfway through.  And you can’t […]