Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin Pies – With A One Net Carb Version!

Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin Pies. I’m not gonna lie. Since the Todd took over the cooking when we got married, my already indifferent cooking skills slid into more of a “Hey, I can thaw that for dinner!” kind of function. However, my baking talents remained intact. My mother’s epic flaky pie crust recipe is still my favorite […]

Join Todd & Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List!

Join Todd & Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List! So… how would you like your locally-based product or service introduced to over 600,000 of our close, personal friends in the next month? For as low as $50- become part of our “Todd and Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List!”   This is the year more and more […]

Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

  Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes. I felt it this morning.  Bleeech. Snow on the ground, freezing temperatures.  And then I saw the recipe for Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes, and I knew I could make it through another Sleeting Season Of Death.  (Or, winter, as it is known by more cold weather types.)   Ingredients: One […]

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes. I’m not going to lie, I looked these up with my second-grader as self-defense. There’s only so many “jokes” that don’t go anywhere that I can take, and now that my Zoe’s seven, she is the Queen of Truly Terrible Puns- she can barely get the joke out before dissolving into […]

Outrageously Tasty Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Outrageously Tasty Sweet Potato Cupcakes. Okay, how cool is this for Thanksgiving? I’m so going to bake these again…  The only big change I noticed is that I wanted to bake fresh sweet potatoes for the recipe, and there’s lots of evaporation. You’ll need two HUGE sweet potatoes to have enough. Canned sweet potato puree […]

Making Magic Wands For Halloween

Making Magic Wands For Halloween. Magic wands here at Chez Collard are a crucial part of Halloween. How can you turn that one annoying trick or treater into a toad without a good spell or two? Half the fun is creating a spooky new one every year. It’s the easiest DIY you’ll do this fall.   […]

5 Veggies You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

5 Veggies You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps. This was the first year EVER that the Todd and I had a sunny enough space for a garden. So Todd and Zoe happily planted little tomatoes and swiss chard, cucumbers and beets. And pumpkins! We just cut them today to decorate for Halloween! (Editor’s note: for […]