Utah’s Five Most Haunted Spots

Utah’s Five Most Haunted Spots. You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to be wandering around a graveyard, tripping over gopher holes and looking for a ghost to terrify you. So, we rounded up the five most haunted spots along the Wasatch Front. Get in, scream like a little girl, get out. (Editor’s note: […]

New Halloween Family Traditions: 5 Fun Ideas

New Halloween Family Traditions: 5 Fun Ideas. The importance of developing traditions together as a family has really hit me again since Zoe (our tempestuous 7 year old) started questioning our Halloween quirks and oddities. “Why do we have a Halloween tree?  Jane doesn’t have a Halloween tree.” “Adam and Peter across the street already […]

5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore

5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore. There’s no better time than Fall to fill the gas tank and head out on an impromptu road trip, armed with nothing but a case of diet Pepsi and a box of Cap’n Crunch. But where to go? With all this hot weather, it’s time to send a […]

The 5 Best Pumpkin Patches Along The Wasatch Front

The 5 Best Pumpkin Patches Along The Wasatch Front. Let’s be honest: we both know it’s faster and easier to grab one of those ubiquitous orange gourds at checkout when you’re grocery shopping. But, in the spirit of the season, can I suggest you throw the offspring in to car and actually make the trek […]

The Five Creepiest Utah Cemeteries

The Five Creepiest Utah Cemeteries. I grew up in the Avenues here in Salt Lake City, just a couple of blocks from the venerable city cemetery. So we played hide and seek around the tombstones, ran circles around Emo’s Grave and dared the night watchman to chase us down after hours. I didn’t get the […]

Todd’s “No Fail” Fruit Fly Trap

Todd’s “No Fail” Fruit Fly Trap. When my sainted mother was in Costa Rica, I went by her house to turn lights on, water plants, etc. What mom did not tell me was she’d left a gigantic tray of produce (now rotting) from her garden on her kitchen counter. I walked into a seething cloud […]

There’s Apparently A “Right” Way To Open A Can

There’s Apparently A “Right” Way To Open A Can. Who knew? Apparently we’ve been doing it all wrong. Enjoy The Todd’s handy-dandy explanatory video and marvel in your new knowledge.