14 Scary Apps You Should Take Off Your Kid’s Phone – 2.25.19

14 Scary Apps You Should Take Off Your Kid’s Phone. There’s 14 new social media apps that are so potentially dangerous for your kids that police have been issuing warnings about them- we have the list for you here.

Shauna Richardson’s life was saved by two strangers after she and her dog fell into the icy Cove Pond near Herriman last Thursday- she wants your help to find her rescuers to thank them.


(image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7731856@N07)

Ever wonder what they do with all those empty seats at the Oscars when celebrities are up on stage? Welcome to the life of an awards show seat-filler, and how you can apply to be one, too.


Plus! The Todd’s tasty, tasty meatball recipe. Are you looking for more easy-peasy beef dishes? Have a look at some other hearty winter recipes like Lobster-Corn Chowder here, or Roast Leg Of Lamb here.

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