Alone For The Holidays Instead Of With People You Can’t Stand – 12.5.18

(Cover image credit: USAF)

Alone For The Holidays Instead Of With People You Can’t Stand:

So here’s a tricky one: are you spending the holidays alone this year? Even harder- do you not want to go “home” for the holidays? It’s a very tricky, emotional situation, so Dr. Julie Hanks is here to walk us through it and show how this could be an absolutely wonderful month.


“Buy The Foam Grip Lightsaber- It’s Really Comfy!”

Mark Hamill himself has to school an auction house about trying to sell off the “only” lightsaber used by Luke Skywalker. There’s a school system in New York that’s letting kids earn token they can spend at their vending machines that dispense books instead of snacks. Oh, and meet the 7 year old who made 22 million dollars this year opening toys. You heard me. (image credit: United States Air Force)


Dealing With A Holiday Dilemma?

Have you missed any of Dr. Julie Hanks’ amazing interviews about the holidays? “Raising A Non-Greedy Kid During The Holidays” is here.  “Stopping Family Fights During The Holidays With One Simple Phrase” is here. And “The Myth of the Perfect Holiday” is here.

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