Amazon Won’t Stop Sending Me Packages – 6.27.19

Amazon Won’t Stop Sending Me Packages. So you find a box from on your doorstep. That you didn’t order. The next day, another one. Then another. All random crap like knick-knacks and home shaving kits. And Amazon won’t tell you who’s sending them. We’ll explain. Because it gets weirder.


Coming at you from Red Butte Gardens today- have you been here recently? Freaking paradise. It’s not summer for us until we visit our favorite gardens there, like the children’s gardens and the pond. For you, it’s not summer until you… what? Share! For some of my girlfriends, it’s not summer until they’ve read some spicy romance novels. Here are three of my favorite writers – you’ll love them!

There’s a scary new real estate scam that’s cost Utah over $200 million in the last year- be warned! There’s hope for even the most couch-bound among us with a new study linking music and exercise… and here’s a new one the EMTs have never heard, “I mean it! The bear shot ME!”

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