Are you ready for the coolest job EVER? – 1.10.19

Are you ready for the coolest job EVER? Imagine being a lighthouse keeper and hosting a bed and breakfast on an island by San Francisco for $130,000 a year? Todd and I have actually stayed at East Brother Lighthouse. Talk about a dream job.


This was one of our most beautiful trips ever- and to get paid to do this? It does have a few requirements. Operate the bed and breakfast 4 days a week, cook tasty meals, ferry guests back and forth from the mainland and force yourself to live in unspeakable beauty. You know. Terrible.

What would your dream job be?


Turns out the multi-billion dollar space satellite Hubble gets fixed in the same way you and I handle a bad computer- we’ll explain.

And the two stupidest criminal stories from here in Utah we’ve heard of in a long time. Prepare to gnash your teeth. Like the three kids who managed to destroy the entire year’s profit from a local working farm by taking a midnight joyride on a tractor and destroying it all. Some people are saying the 18 year olds are “too young” to be charged. What do you think?


The psychics already know you’re coming to the Fourth Annual Todd & Erin Psychic Fair. But… you probably need some details. It’s March 22 from 5-10pm- find all your details here.

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