Are You “Text-Challenged?” September 12, 2018

Are you “text-challenged?” The Todd is certain Erin is- because she’ll automatically assume a text is a mean one. So he’s trying to drive it home that it’s all in how you read it. Starting with “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

Elizabeth Smart is up in arms because the woman who helped to abduct and imprison her- Wanda Barzee- is being released from prison without ever getting treatment. Is it right that someone can be released from prison after refusing to comply with any terms of their parole, or is “time served, time served?”

And in “Tell Me Something Good,” a 94 year old neighbor, called “NayNay” by the entire street, attempts to use that newfangled food delivery service thing. And it works, thanks to one inexpressibly kind and patient delivery guy.

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