Arrested For: “Eating Pasta Aggressively” – 4.15.19

Arrested For: “Eating Pasta Aggressively” So this poor guy got arrested in Florida for “aggressively eating pasta.” You heard me. In Mississippi, someone’s been leaving mysterious bowls of… mashed potatoes on people’s doorsteps and in their cars. It’s been going on for two years, and no one’s not quite sure what to do about it. (BTW: for other weird arrests for things you wouldn’t consider violent, check out the “Fistfight at the Modest Dress Store” story here.)


So guess what’s the worst sport for concussions these days? Quidditch. We’re not kidding. Did you know there are Quidditch teams at nearly every major university and college in America, Canada, and Europe? Who knew?

(image credit: via Wikipedia Radiat)


So, you may think that you know how to open a can. So did we. Oh, we were so wrong. Turns out there is a really handy-dandy way to open a can and after 15,000 responses on our YouTube video, most have agreed. It’s life-changing, my friends.

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