Beef Tongue- The Dinner That Tastes You Back – 2.26.19

Beef Tongue- The Dinner That Tastes You Back

Beef Tongue. The dinner that tastes you back. The Todd insisted on cooking three gigantic beef tongues, let’s have a look and see if they’re edible, shall we? (Editor’s note: want something a little less intense? Try Todd’s Tasty Meatballs, recipe here.)




The latest entertaining proposals about letting Utah drivers run red lights if “traffic is slow,” which doesn’t seem wise since they just passed the one that allows bicyclists to run stop signs. Then there’s the one from the legislator who wants to legalize betting on horse racing. And you thought school funding and public safety were important! Silly creature.

There’s also an infuriating new scam: how thieves are using your cell phone number to drain your bank account.


(screencap courtesy of The OfficeUS)

Who’s Utah’s most beloved TV couple? Jim & Pam from The Office? Rachel & Ross from Friends? You’ll be surprised. There were some interesting couples from “Orange Is The New Black,” “Vampire Diaries” and “Riverdale.” RIVERDALE? Really? Okay…

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