Best (and Heaviest) Mountain Rescue EVER – 10.15.19

Do you ever take a look at something growing in your garden and have no idea what it is? We’re in this dilemma and the internet is not helping. So, we’re cutting the thing open on the podcast today and find out what spliced with what and then grafted with who. Enjoy our unintentional genetic experiment!


(image credit: Pixabay)

There’s 200 birds at the West Valley Animal Shelter who need you. Like, right now. An animal hoarder was busted in West Valley City, and the poor city shelter’s been turned into an emergency aviary. Ever wanted an exotic bird? Here’s your chance! This is a great time to consider fostering a pet as well. Find more information here.


(Image credit Salt Lake  County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue)

The Salt Lake County Search and Rescue saves the life of a very heavy victim and gets him down the mountain. I am not body-shaming. You’ll see what I mean at 14:45 into the podcast.

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