Bird (and Butt) Watching on the Great Salt Lake – 8.21.19

Bird (and Butt) Watching on the Great Salt Lake.

So it turns out the adorable bird refuge out by the Great Salt Lake is giving bird watchers an impressive (or not so impressive) close-up of the Great White Gluteus Maximus. Innocent bird-watchers out with a camera or a set of binoculars are getting an in-depth exposure to the Wild Kingdom. (Editor’s note: here’s where I am such a mother. All I can think is, “In front of those sweet little birds? Really, people?”)


Just how far are you willing to go on your low-carb diet? If you could actually lose weight, what are you willing to endure? The Todd faces the acid test on the podcast today. He just wanted a sandwich!

BTW: Looking for more tasty low-carb treats? Say hello to our adorable little pumpkin tarts with one gram of carbs, find it here.

Our roasted cauliflower with balsamic drizzle is the most glorious cruciferous you’ll ever put in that mouth of yours, and also splendidly low-carb. Find the recipe here.


(image credit: Big Bear)

There’s a new report from the Tooth Fairy- just what is she shelling out these days for your kid’s bicuspid? And with the new “comfort animal” regulations on airlines, you’ll be stunned what you could be sitting next to on your upcoming flight. And we’re not just talking a little dog.

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