Burger King’s “Impossible Burger” vs. the Whopper: a Taste Test – 9.23.19

Burger King’s “Impossible Burger” vs. the Whopper: a Taste Test. Burger King has the new Impossible Burger! They’re swearing that you can NOT tell the difference between the Impossible Burger – which is vegetarian – and the Whopper. Let’s put that to the test, shall we? BTW: Do you like the taste tests? Do you enjoy someone else finding out for you if something is tasty or just truly horrifying? Find our review of M&M’s new flavors – like “White Pumpkin Pie” and “Jalepeno” here.  What about flavored specialty beers? How about “Saturday Morning,” which is a beer that tastes like Lucky Charms cereal, see our findings here.

Are you dropping $1,000 to get the new iPhone 11? Lots of us (uh, me) are choosing to stick with the phone we have- but experts say the best thing you can do for your phone is nurture the battery. We’ve got some tips on how to extend your battery’s life.


(Image credit: Colorado Parks Wildlife)

Some things, you wouldn’t think you would have to tell someone. Like, “Hey, don’t put a wounded bobcat that you found on the road in the backseat of your car next to YOUR SIX-YEAR-OLD CHILD.” Apparently, you would be wrong.


(Image credit: Busch Beer Co.)

Did you hear the endearing tale of Carson King, the Iowa U student who flashed a sign asking for a donation to buy a six-pack of Busch beer? People donated. And donated. And donated until Carson ended up with hundreds of thousands of dollars. What he did with the money made Busch Beer create a can with his image on it. You’re going to love this kid.

Also… when your life is in dire peril, sometimes a woman has to do… well, you’ll see.


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  1. Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson says:

    Y’all are so much fun! Thanks for trying the impossible whopper for me(I’ve been wanting to but haven’t). Love the “scientific” aspect too…don’t be mad, Todd! I’m part of the in crowd trying hard for Wally World money :)


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