Camping Hacks! Tasty S’More Hacks For The Campfire – 5.1.19

Camping Hacks! Tasty S’More Hacks For The Campfire. Camping hacks! We’re obsessed with them this week because no camping trip with the Collards is without a pile of hacks that could go horribly, horribly wrong. We’re starting with a tasty new S’mores hack today.

Camping Hacks! Tasty S’More Hacks For The Campfire. BTW: are you searching for more family-friendly spots to take your kids camping? How handy that we have Utah’s five best right here.


Here’s a weird conundrum- the state’s refusing a beverage license for a karaoke place because they’re not defined as “entertainment,” however, the two Axe-throwing venues that have “beverage” licenses apparently are. Huh?

Here’s something to be proud of- two cities in Utah- Ogden and Salt Lake City make the top ten best places for Nude Gardening. Bet you didn’t expect that, eh?

Spoilers for Game of Thrones!

There’s a killer local Game of Thrones spoiler with a great local connection to the University of Utah Red Rocks Gymnastics- turns out who you think killed the Night King didn’t. It’s all explained here.

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