Congratulations! You can go Topless Here in Utah! We Think… 9.25.19

Congratulations! You can go Topless Here in Utah! We Think… So if you’re a big fan of going topless, there’s a new ruling from the Tenth Circuit Court that should make you happy, we’ll explain. This jumps into the realm of what happens when a higher court makes a ruling, and then the local government tries to interpret it.


And we’ve got a 5-minute Halloween craft that’s so freaking adorable that you’ll never throw away another corn husk again. BTW: Are you in the mood for more Halloween crafting? Check out our Pinterest-worthy Harry Potter wands here. Or, I create a pretty paper medallion wreath here.


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There can’t be anything more heartbreaking than losing your father- especially in the line of duty as a police officer. But when the son of a fallen officer in Mission, Texas played his first football game, the stands were packed for him. I dare you not to tear up over this Tell Me Something Good.


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