Could You Dine In The Nude? – 1.9.19

Could You Dine In The Nude? Could you eat completely naked? Or would the sight of the other diners make you lose your appetite? Welcome to the Paris restaurant where the only thing served “au naturale” is YOU. Au Naturale is a lovely bistro with a bit of quirk- the only way you can eat there is by leaving your clothing in the cloak room. Needless to say, no cellphones at dinner and the chair covers are switched out with the table linens after every meal. Sorry, there’s no way I can eat like that. Though the hosts DO offer slippers for diners with cold feet, that’s not the kind of “cold feet” I’d be dealing with.  Could You Dine In The Nude? How would it change the dining experience?


Imagine guarding a group of prisoners alone on a road work crew- and you have a stroke. What do they do? If they’re this amazing threesome, they leap into action and get help for you and save your life. Such a great Tell Me Something Good today!

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