Creating Holiday Traditions – The Christmas Tree Memory String – 11.27.18

Creating Holiday Traditions – The Christmas Tree Memory String. What are your holiday traditions? One of our favorites is the Christmas Tree Memory String- the bottom disc of each year’s tree attached to a ribbon. It’s so fun to count through the years and remember all the highlights. What’s your favorite ritual during this time of year? For instance…


Creating Holiday Traditions. Zoe and I (our 7 year old) are really getting into baking tiny desserts. Some are Pinterest-worthy, others, more like “nailed it!” The Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin Pies (with a one net carb, sugar-free version!) are freaking delicious. Add the recipe to your baking traditions from here.


Oh, by the way- every single food item is out to kill you. Seriously. The federal government has recalled just about anything you can put in your mouth and chew. Oh, honey. Romaine lettuce was just the beginning… pork wontons… ground beef… ground turkey… and the most egregious, evil thing of all- Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. You will have to pry my Cap’n Crunch Cereal from my cold, dead hands. Which apparently could be an option. Salmonella has been one busy pathogen this fall…


Also, meet our new “Shop Locally” friend- Kathy Cushman of Utah DIY Weddings, one of the smartest businesswomen I know.

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