Did You Love Falcon & the Winter Soldier? Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie Chat the Avengers and More…

By the way… the reason both Seb and Tom look all grim here is due to the smirking Anthony Mackie to the right- “Falcon” in the “Captain America” and “Avenger” films. And a complete smartass. He constantly tormented his two buddies… poor Tom got a lot of heat for his “scrawny” build and his infamous last words in “Infinity War.”

And for Seb? Anthony pointedly mentioned that “someone” had missed “biceps and glutes day” at the gym. So harsh..


Which is your favorite? I can’t pick because my heart is still with Loki. The Disney+ Loki series premieres on June 11th. June. 11th.  I’ve waited TWO YEARS FOR THIS. (BTW: if you haven’t seen our lovely interview with Tom Hiddleston, prepare to swoon and click here.) 

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