Doing My Taxes & Pondering Utah’s Official Sandwich – 9.24.18

Doing My Taxes & Pondering Utah’s Official Sandwich. Happy Monday. I’m doing our taxes and there’s not enough Advil on the planet to keep me sane. Todd’s brilliant PVC Dome Trampoline Tent video’s up, along the mysteries of our state’s “Most Beloved Sandwich.” Any ideas as to what it might be?

We have a new Halloween-based Facebook page to introduce you to- and there’s a $100.00 gift card waiting for you for some extra decorating power.


Just so we’re all clear: getting stupidly drunk before boarding your flight to Orlando- yay, DisneyWorld! and then headbutting the flight attendant is a super bad idea. Plus, no one is happy to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City because of you, drunk guy, when they were planning to settle in at the Happiest Place on Earth. Put your feet up, have some lunch. Ignore the pencils in my hair. (Thanks to Don Graham for the lovely Navajo Taco image)

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