Drunk Grocery Shopping. It’s a Thing. – 9.26.19

Drunk Grocery Shopping. It’s a Thing. Would you like a beer garden in your local grocery store? It’s an idea that Smith’s is proposing. (What would you call that? SUI? Shopping under the influence?)


Our Pinterest-worthy magic wand DYI video. Wingardium Leviosa! BTW: Getting all Halloween-y? Check out our 5 Minute Corn Critters hereLooking to build some new Halloween season traditions with your kids? We’ve got some fun ones here.


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You’ll never guess who’s the new celebrity voice for Alexa and Echo. I want the uncensored version. “Alexa, please make big celebrity guy sing me Happy Birthday?”


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Jennifer Lawrence is getting married! And someone put up her wedding registry. Well, actually, Jennifer put up her wedding registry on Amazon.com like, she’s wanting you to buy her that cheese slicer. And while she’s always struck me as the kind of girl who’d be fun to go out and have a beer with, here, she sounds reeeally different.

“Planning a wedding is sooo exciting, but it can be hectic. For anyone needing a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share some of my favorite wish-list items…”

Does this seem creepy to anyone else? Amazon is calling Jennifer an “actress and a philanthropist.” For posting $80 martini glasses? I don’t know, do you see it differently?


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Things you wouldn’t think you would have to specifically forbid your police force to do- like sexting while on duty. Seriously. The agency that certifies and disciplines police officers in Utah actually had to write a specific clause to ban police officers from sexting or… uh… “entertaining” themselves while on duty. Now that I know this, the next time I’m signing a speeding ticket (it’s an annual thing) I’m using my own pen, thank you, officer.


(Image credit: Morehouse College)

For something much happier in Tell Me Something Good: the amazing billionaire who spoke at Morehouse College’s graduation last year told the all African-American graduates that he was paying off their student loans. Can you imagine? Now, he’s telling all the parents and extended family who scrimped and saved to help their kids through college that he’s paying off the loans they took out for their kid’s education as well. The bar has been set, my friends.

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