Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey EVER – Grilled on your Weber grill – 10.29.18

Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey EVER – Grilled on your Weber grill. Cooking that gigantic, intimidating-looking turkey doesn’t have to be the battle it used to be. Grilled outdoors on your Weber grill- leaving the oven inside for all those tasty sides. Welcome to your step by step DIY grilling technique. This is our most popular cooking video- nearly 100,000 views! Here’s a freshened up version to make this the most luscious turkey you’ve ever made- without burning down the house. Save the oven for the mashed potatoes and that yam casserole thing Nana always brings.


If you’re leaning towards heartier fall dishes, there’s also The Todd’s Tasty Roast Pork Leg With Apple Cider Glaze- have a look here. And Luscious Beef Shanks In Red Wine Reduction here.

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