Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One – 12.11.18

Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One. Go for “Good Enough.” That’s my mantra this holiday, and especially after talking to Dr Julie Hanks about the pressure we all put on ourselves to make the holiday “perfect.” I’m challenging everyone to put up an imperfect craft, or cookie, or something that shows your friends and the people you influence that you’re not “perfect.” Let’s support each other!


Plus, more embarrassingly easy treats. Also, embarrassing because my Milano Reindeer Cookies still look a little feeble. But I posted my imperfection! Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday!


In Tell Me Something Good, two epic elderly ladies who buy up 1.5 million dollars in medical debt to help families with ill members breathe easier for the holidays, and who was that mysterious movie star who paid for half a million dollars of gifts in layaway at Walmart? So our “Shop Locally” business today is Rogliano’s Italian Dressing. Everyone loves this stuff. Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo loves this stuff. Are you going to disagree with Hercules? I think not.

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