Erin’s in a Bathtub with Six Kittens. It Just Gets Weirder. 10.18.19

So Erin’s sitting in a bathtub with six kittens and the director of the Utah Humane Society, and it just gets weirder from there. It seems every animal shelter along the Wasatch Front is bursting at the seams with lonely cats and dogs and goats and rabbits and all manner of creatures. Can you adopt a new pet? If not, can you foster a pet or two? Let’s talk.


Also, congratulations, Utah! We were just named number one in the nation for something! And The Todd has created an instructional video about it.


As we’re drawing closer to the Women of Worth Gala on November 9th, I want you to know more about this incredible program and the women it benefits. Have a look…

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