Every Holiday Light Display Along The Wasatch Front – 11.30.18

Every Holiday Light Display Along The Wasatch Front. It’s time! Our annual pilgrimage to “Frosty’s Winter Wonderland,” here in the Avenues in Salt Lake City. Frosty is a madman buried deep in hundreds of thousands of bulbs and manger settings. You’re going to love this! (Here’s a link to our complete list of every holiday light display along the Wasatch Front. Every. Freaking. One.)


Frosty’s Winter Wonderland – 805 East 18th Avenue

There’s a kindred soul in New Jersey who’s not getting the same reception. In fact, his neighbors are suing him and the city in fining him. Happy Holidays, eh? (There’s a GoFund Me page for his Christmas light… uh… fight here.)


Guess who’s the highest-paid celebrity in television? You’re not even close. Here in Salt Lake City, people with a supreme inability to accept delayed gratification (like me) we have SAME DAY SHIPPING from Amazon.com! YES! We have your details.


(Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/danielburton/)

Plus, sharing this season has never been easier, thanks to “giving” vending machines are installed downtown, where you can donate a goat to a village or books to a refugee camp, or warm clothes and a sleeping bag to the homeless here. Freaking genius!


And we’re still running with our “Shop Locally” campaign- meet Brittany Jones – your Color Street manicure goddess. Find out more about Brittany’s spectacular goodies here. And she’s always happy to send you a free sample before you buy.

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