Facebooking When You’re Dead – 6.3.19

Facebooking When You’re Dead. How to continue Facebooking when you’re dead. Or the other option- give a good friend the power to erase your entire account before your family gets a hold of it. Personally, I’d continue the same plan I’ve always had- get the Todd or a good friend to go through everything I own and toss out anything incriminating before my family sees it. And I don’t even have anything juicy or scandalous! It’s just the principle of the thing. Do you want a trusted buddy to dump your social media adventures before your folks see it?


In the mood for some tasty grilling options that don’t include meat? You will not believe this: tasty cabbage steaks. Have a look.

BTW: if you love grilling recipes, nothing tops the Todd’s grilling an entire turkey. And it’s perfect every time. Find it here.


Talk about the best job in the world: sitting in a canoe and counting loons. That’s it. And the state of Minnesota will pay you for it. Bonus!

There’s a new Batman! Um… this would not be my choice, we’ll see what you think.

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