Finally! A Beer I’d Drink – Made With Lucky Charms – 2.28.19

Finally! A Beer I’d Drink – Made With Lucky Charms. Seriously, “Saturday Morning” is made with Lucky Charms marshmallows. An adult beverage that tastes like Lucky Charms. Finally, a drink I can enjoy on Saturday with my cartoons! What do you think about the new trend towards “Nostalgia Cocktails?”


The good thing about Utah’s real estate market? You can sell your house the first day it’s listed. The bad thing? If you’re not ready to make an offer, you’re out. Fortunately, we have the clever Jeff Stout from Fink & McGregor – Mortgages Made Simple – to get you ready to go- even if you’re not ready to jump.


There’s scary new warning for parents about a “MoMo” challenge… this disgusting video is encouraging kids to commit suicide- and is tell them how to do it. Parents and police have reported the video spotted inserted as an ad into children’s shows on YouTube and shared between kids. We’ll tell you what the police are asking parents to do. (Editor’s note: if you haven’t seen the latest police report warning about 14 adult-based apps that are dangerous for our kids, find it here.)


Ugh! Back to something happy- a wonderful Tell Me Something Good. I’d have a hard time cutting my waist-length hair, but when a kindergarten teacher spotted one of her little students getting tormented about her “boy haircut,” she stepped in- in the most beautiful possible way.

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