Go for “Good Enough” this Holiday! – 12.17.19

Go for “Good Enough” this Holiday!  Everything doesn’t have to be perfect to make this a great holiday, Dr. Julie Hanks is here to teach us how to “shoot for the middle.”

BTW: did you miss Dr. Hanks’s excellent advice on raising a non-greedy kid during the holidays? Find that here.

Also, re-gifting, do you do it? We have a sort of heartwarming charity story that ends up being kind of… huh?

And fear not! You have time to decorate with the Todd’s Sixty Second Christmas Tree.

BTW: looking for more Christmas crafts? Here’s a guide for how many lights you actually need on that tree – at least to avoid the midnight run to Home Depot – and a wealth of possibilities if you’d like a tree, without having to actually drag a giant pine through your door, the No-tree Christmas tree decor.

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