Halloween At Disneyland – 10.30.18

Halloween At Disneyland. Celebrate Halloween with us in our basement- the only place I’ll let The Todd keep that creepy black velvet painting. Today’s dedicated to all things Disneyland and it’s Halloween wonderfulness. Plus- your personality type based on the candy you’re picking out of the bowl tonight, and join us on the front row of the Incredibles Roller Coaster at California Adventure. And scream like a little girl.

It was an interesting time- I’m not particularly sentimental, but I know our 7 year old Zoe is. I wanted to create a little ritual that would mark her first time at Disneyland, so it was The Ceremonial Selection Of The First Mouse Ears. I wanted to mark her trip with something she’d remember and maybe pass on to her children. The excitement she shared was so moving- a moment where she got to take part in a moment that was made up but suddenly became enormously important to both of us. And when the sales clerk snipped off the price tag and I shared that it was Zoe’s first ears, the entire freaking store burst into applause. Cool Mom/Daughter moment.


What are your special rituals you have with your kids? What marks a special occasion or begins a new stage in life? Share! Discuss! I’d love more ideas…

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