Happy Father’s Day! Here’s A Four Foot Trout – 6.17.19

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s A Four Foot Trout. Flaming Gorge here in Utah is known for gigantic freaking fish. But a four-foot trout? Here’s the ultimate Father’s Day story- about a daughter kicked out of school for her “illegal piercing” – an implant on the underside of her earlobe for her migraines – and how her dad got her back in. Hint: it involved superglue and a LOT of discomfort.


Caroline Himbert’s an amazing Ph.D. student who’s raising money and awareness for the Huntsman Cancer Institute one step at a time. A lot of steps. Steep steps. And she’s doing to prove that you can reduce your cancer risk with (fortunately for all of us) moderate exercise. Would you like to learn more about her charity? Find all the info here.

A criminal in Southern Utah who just wouldn’t give up, and the most epic graduation speech you’ll ever hear.

(cover image credit: Utah Department of Wildlife Resources)

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