How Do You Get Out Of Attending An Expensive Destination Wedding? – 2.12.19

How Do You Get Out Of Attending An Expensive Destination Wedding? You know, the ones in some fabulous, exotic locale that will set you back around $2,000 to attend? With the expensive destination wedding plan becoming uncomfortably popular, we’ve got some good escape plans.

Really, REALLY love the Bridezilla stories? Here’s a whopper from a bride who expected her guests to GIVE her $3,000 just to attend her wedding. 

We have the perfect “his and her” date package for Valentine’s Day- dinner for four at the luscious Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse and four tickets to the University of Utah Men’s Basketball game. Everyone’s happy!


Todd is learning to just about everything he wants to eat on his “low carb” diet is not, in fact, “low carb.” BTW: if you’re looking for some tasty meat dishes that fit on a low-carb diet, take a look at the Todd’s Beef Shanks recipe here, and Brussels Sprouts with Bacon recipe here.

Your tax return is going to be about 10% less this year, according to new returns from the IRS. Sorry.

Would you consider this motivating? A personal trainer sent out a poster to all his client’s favorite food spots telling them not to serve him. He IS losing weight, but man, that’s tough love. There’s a new movement AGAINST self-checkouts at the grocery store, people saying they’re costing jobs and removing the “human” element. What do you think?

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