How Many Emotional Support Monkeys Are Too Many Emotional Support Monkeys? – 9.16.19

So, here’s a question I never thought I would ask myself:

How Many Emotional Support Monkeys Are Too Many Emotional Support Monkeys? There’s a woman fighting her city as it seeks to, perhaps, limit her number to three. Texanne Teahan is adamant and wielding a note from her doctor that her support monkeys are crucial to treating her PTSD. Look, she’s not trying to get on a plane with them, so what’s the worry?


There’s also the terrifying tale of a vicious battle with a black widow spider the size of my hand. It fought back. It was… muscular. There was a nauseating meaty-sounding “thunk!” when I sucked it into my Dyson vacuum, but it wasn’t enough. There was combat between the Todd, armed with chopsticks (they were the only weapons available, sue me) and the black widow. She was not going down easy. BTW: if you’re looking for non-toxic ways to discourage spiders from scampering into your basement as fast their eight legs can carry them, have a look here.


Your chance to rescue a woman – or family – in peril could be as simple as joining us at the Women of Worth annual gala. This amazing group rescues women – often in dire peril – and helps them into a rich and meaningful life. Part of their success is assigning mentors to each new client, who guides them and their family into a home, school, work and a new life. It’s utterly inspiring. If you’d like to learn more about their services, how you can help (perhaps as a mentor?) and more about the Gala, it’s all here.


Oh! This is so important – if you’re buying tickets to the fundraising gala, be sure to use TODDANDERIN at checkout for $10 off the ticket price. And the inspiring Kechi Okwuchi from “America’s Got Talent” will be performing, and there’s a VIP backstage meet and greet.

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