In Honor of National S’mores Day – Skillet S’mores! 8.9.19

In Honor of National S’mores Day – Skillet S’mores! Why bother with the pine sap and the campfire when you can broil these bad boys in the comfort of your own home? BTW: a cast iron pan is best and really, you don’t need more than a minute or two, just enough to make sure the marshmallows are all browned and pretty. The graham crackers stay crisp, the chocolate melts nicely, and voila! Skillet S’mores!

Also on the podcast today… We’ve all seen the gender reveal parties that are spiraling out of control, right? The woman who actually created these kinds of parties is begging people to STOP. We’ll explain.


The Skillet S’mores are just part of Chocolate Week here on the Daily Stream in honor of Chocolate Villa Executive, an amazing executive women’s retreat I’m attending in September the 8th through the 12th – and I want you to join me! If you’re looking for your “next,” what should be the next step in your career, in your life, this is where you need to be! Merrilee’s group has coached women executives all over the world, and here’s our chance to experience the excitement and motivation that other attendees have told me about. Interested? Find more info here, and use TODDANDERIN at checkout for 10% off.


(Image credit: Erika Whittlieb)

Also today, the terrifying trend towards “probiotic grooming,” which is a nice way of saying not bathing. The enthusiastic participants claim that after a few weeks of no soap, no shower, that their skin “adjusts” and the odor goes away. Um… this is a hard sell for me. Could you go without bathing? For how long before the smell of you even made you sick?

(video cover image credit: Tony Clay)

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