Instant Karma: Busting The Hit And Run Driver – 5.30.19

Instant Karma: Busting The Hit And Run Driver. There’s nothing worse than walking out to your car and realizing someone’s smashed into it and just… left. Here’s the most epic outing of a hit and run driver by a 6th grader who even created a flow chart for the whole thing.

The Pickle Challenge continues at Chez Collard- today, we’re making Deep-Fried Buttermilk Pickles. BTW: if you haven’t tried out our “pickle sandwiches,” find the recipe here. They’re surprisingly tasty.


Finally! A state is actually penalizing those people who get in the passing lane and just park themselves there- grrr! It’s a huge fine, too. (If you’d like your very own windshield decal that politely tells selfish drivers to GET OUT OF THE PASSING LANE, check out

Tooele’s Kodi Lee just crushed it on America’s Got Talent- but it gets so much cooler, we’ll explain. For parents with special needs kiddos, this is the best Tell Me Something Good story ever.

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