Instant Karma – Kidnapper Chases Woman Into Karate Studio – 1.7.19

Instant Karma – Kidnapper Chases Woman Into Karate Studio. Super snowy days are always highly entertaining at Chez Collard, because we live on a ridiculously steep hill and it turns into a luge run for cars… how did you survive the snowstorm?



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Best Instant Karma EVER: a man attempting to kidnap a woman follows her into a karate studio and tries to drag her back out. The karate instructor and his students “restrained” the man for police.

There’s a beautiful story of a retiree in Price who created a prosthetic arm for a toddler with his 3D printer. Even with insurance, the arm would have cost his parents $12,000. The cost from the 3D version? You’ll never believe it. Need more good news? Read the beautiful story of the Utah police officer who not only protected a domestic violence victim, he cared for children as well. 


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