Join The Poop Troop! Uh… No Thanks – 3.19.19

Join The Poop Troop! Uh… No Thanks. There’s a call for volunteers. It came to us in a super perky, upbeat press release. Volunteers needed for a multi-park cleanup of… dog poop. They cheerfully named it: volunteers for the “Poop Troop Cleanup Week.” I love to volunteer, but I dunno…


If you’ve never had Lobster Bacon Corn Chowder, allow us to introduce you to the most glorious food combination in the universe- tasty in Todd’s Test Kitchen today. (Editor’s note: still craving a nice hot bowl of something? Find our recipe for Todd’s Last Chance Chili here.)

Tomorrow is Free Ice Cream Cone Day! We’ll tell you where. Utah’s in the top ten for something epic this week!

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