Knives … ClamdyCanes … Christmas Tree Groves … We Got ‘Em All – 12.3.19

Knives … Clamdy Canes … Christmas Tree Groves … We Got ‘Em All.

We just received a new taste-test item for the holidays. Join us for the unboxing and the unbridled horror. Ever heard of a “clamdy cane?” That’s not a typo. And it’s a taste that… Well, have a look.


Why bother with a boring Christmas tree when you can have a veritable forest? How to create a Christmas Tree “grove” with’s Todd’s easy DIY video.

Looking for more holiday decor ideas? Have a look at our special kid’s gift tags here. 

Luscious roast pork leg for Christmas dinner is here.

And “I need HOW many lights?” A foolproof guide to lighting up your Christmas Tree here.

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