Meeting 250 Girls Named Nicole To Find The Right One – September 14, 2018

Meeting 250 Girls Named Nicole To Find The Right One. So you fall madly in love with a girl name Nicole and she’s from Holland and she thinks Nietzsche is depressing. Then you lost her number. Meet the guy who emailed over 250 women named Nicole to find “his” Nicole.

Erin reads “tweet-impaired,” style. Meet the “Cajun Navy-” the brave folks from New Orleans who are racing to the aid of North Carolina… and Budweiser is sending cases and cases of their product there- but crack that lid and discover it’s clean drinking water.



And in Tell Me Something Good, the amazing story of two overwhelmed grandparents who tried to auction off the car their son had restored- to pay the medical bills for the two toddlers left behind when he and his wife died. And then the miracle happens. I’m not crying you’re crying!

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