More Sundance Film Festival Celebrity Goodness With #IamSkippy – 2.5.19

More Sundance Film Festival Celebrity Goodness With #IamSkippy. In celebrity news, Skippy’s roundup of his best selfies with the Beautiful People in Park City- and he brings gifts from his raid on one of the hospitality suites! We’ll give them away tomorrow. Skippy ran into Armie Hammer -“The Lone Ranger” w/ Johnny Depp – and John Krasinski from “The Office” and “Jack Ryan.” Armie was adorable, while he and Skippy were talking, a young lady fell over backwards while trying to get a picture of him. Armie stopped, handed all his stuff to Skippy and helped the girl up and making sure she was okay. That’s a gentleman.


It’s a kind of a sickness. It was started with “Turkey parts” on sale at Sprouts… then the Todd decided to bake some yams to go with the turkey… then potatoes… and by 11:30 last night, we had a complete Thanksgiving dinner. He cooked, and cooked, and cooked some more. But it was the steamed-up glasses that really got me.

(BTW: if for some reason you’re craving turkey, you can find the Todd’s tasty turkey recipe here.)

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